Dataset: ClassX -- A Lecture Video Dataset for Query-by-Image Experiments

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We present a new large-scale dataset, called ClassX. This dataset is relevant to the problem of querying a video database by images that might share some contents with one or more video clips.
This dataset is composed of video clips that correspond to lecture segments. The video clips have been collected from 21 popular Stanford University courses, in the period from Autumn 2013 to Autumn 2014. The courses were offered by 6 different departments: Computer Science (10 courses), Electrical Engineering (5 courses), Management Sciences & Engineering (3 courses), Material Sciences (1 course), Civil & Environmental Engineering (1 course), and Computational & Mathematical Engineering (1 course).
The queries are 258 clean images of slides which are shown during a particular lecture.
We also release a separate set of slides, called ClassX-Training, which were used to train auxiliary retrieval structures in our system -- a total of 8,619 slides.


Type of resource software, multimedia
Date created July 2016


Author Araujo, Andre
Author Yan, Mengyuan
Author Girod, Bernd


Subject classx
Subject video search
Subject query-by-image
Subject lecture videos
Genre Dataset

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Related Publication A. Araujo, J. Chaves, H. Lakshman, R. Angst and B. Girod. (2016).Large-Scale Query-by-Image Video Retrieval Using Bloom Filters. ArXiv.
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A. Araujo, J. Chaves, H. Lakshman, R. Angst and B. Girod, "Large-Scale Query-by-Image Video Retrieval Using Bloom Filters," arXiv:1604.07939


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