TR068A: Integrated Computer-Aided Project Management Through Standard Object-Oriented Models

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This report investigates the integration of Computer-Aided Project Management (CAPM) software by establishing standard object-oriented data models for construction and project management. Computer programs that adopt these standards need no translation or central control to share data with each other, since they all use the same global data-representation scheme. The report describes a prototype integrated project-planning system, called OPIS, that includes applications to import data from a CADD system, to generate a project plan, to assist in project estimating, and to perform network scheduling techniques. These applications all use a standard project model and share a common object-oriented database. The report is split into two volumes: the first volume contains the main body of report while the second volume contains the appendices that list the detailed model documentation.


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Date created July 1992


Author Froese, Thomas


Subject CIFE
Subject Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Subject Stanford University
Subject Computer-Aided Project Management
Subject CAPM
Subject Object-Oriented Database
Subject Project Model
Genre Technical report

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