Workplace participation, empowerment, and social dynamics

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This dissertation is to explore workplace dynamics in a modern corporation and their implications. I follow economic sociologists to envision a firm as an organization embedded in social structure, and present empirical findings and theoretical explanations about workplace participation, empowerment, and social dynamics. First, I analyze workplace engagement policies, programs, and practices and their implications for organizational dynamics. More specifically, I suggest that empowering workers with rights to ownership, returns, and decision-making supports stability and robustness of organizational social structure, or ongoing social relations within an organization. Such empowerment enhances organizational trust, which in turn promotes organizational outcomes in workplace commitment and satisfaction. Second, I study whether such workplace dynamics have any spillover effects beyond organizations. I show that workplace empowerment enhances participation in voluntary associations, which in turn promotes political participation in the public sphere. Third, I take a look at a worker co-op, or a democratic workplace collectively owned and run by workers. I present an in-depth ethnographic study of a worker co-op, analyzing its organizational emergence and dynamics. Overall, this dissertation aims to contribute to the tradition of economic sociology and organization studies by examining and exploring the social dynamics of an alternative model of capitalism in our era.


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Author Lee, Sangjoon
Degree supervisor Granovetter, Mark S
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