Scattering models for the analysis and design of quantum hardware

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Recent years have seen the unprecedented ability to control individual quantum systems in a variety of experimental platforms (atomic systems, superconducting systems, solid-state systems). This has opened up the possibility of designing quantum hardware for technological applications in computing, communication and metrology. From a hardware simulation and design perspective, it has become important to develop mathematical models to accurately describe the building blocks of such quantum hardware, as well as numerical and analytical tools for simulating these models. In this thesis, I will present theoretical and computational studies aimed towards understanding the physics and design of quantum hardware. I will present theoretical results on the computation of scattering matrices for several classes of quantum open system models - 1. Time-dependent Markovian models, 2. Non-Markovian models with two-particle repulsions and 3. High-dimensional bath models. I will also describe applications of these theoretical results to understanding the physics of experimental systems that are technologically interesting for non-classical light generation and manipulation (broadband linear optical devices, multi-emitter cavity QED systems), spectral shaping of photon wave-packets (modulated quantum systems) as well as quantum memories (bound states in non-Markovian waveguide QED). Finally, I will demonstrate automation of quantum device design using these scattering models as the simulation backend.


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Author Trivedi, Rahul
Degree supervisor Vuckovic, Jelena
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Thesis advisor Fan, Shanhui, 1972-
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Degree committee member Hayden, Patrick (Patrick M.)
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