Resource utilization and discovery for wireless media streaming

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We study the issues governing user experience for media streaming in next-generation wireless networks by investigating problems in access point utilization and discovery. When there are many potential points of attachment to the network, a mobile station must be able to retrieve content from the best access point via handoff control before user mobility or a fluctuating wireless environment causes service interruption. With the aim to develop efficient yet effective control algorithms, we formulate models to study the implications of optimal control policies and their tractable approximations in various relevant settings. By analyzing and characterizing the factors affecting their performance, we arrive at many insights about practical system design.


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Publication date 2014
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Associated with Chow, Lawrence Linghuang
Associated with Stanford University, Department of Management Science and Engineering.
Primary advisor Bambos, Nicholas
Thesis advisor Bambos, Nicholas
Thesis advisor Singh, Jatinder
Thesis advisor Ye, Yinyu
Advisor Singh, Jatinder
Advisor Ye, Yinyu


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Statement of responsibility Lawrence Linghuang Chow.
Note Submitted to the Department of Management Science and Engineering.
Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2014.
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