Organization Culture and Student Performance in California Charter Schools

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To understand the value of charter school autonomy and the consequential empowerment of school level educators, one must first understand the relationship between school administrative structure and student performance. Researchers have found organizational culture affects sales growth and market share growth in companies, but the effect on student performance has not been studied (Yilmaz and Ergun, 2008). To collect organizational culture information I sent a survey to every California charter school with at least one grade of high school age students. Using California Standards Test data I found a significant relationship between school management structure and student performance. Most notably, schools with comparatively more authoritarian leadership perform better, schools at which a school board of directors and principal are most empowered perform better, and schools at which state and school district level bodies are most empowered perform worse.


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Date created May 2009


Author Jenkins, Stuart Takiar
Primary advisor Hoxby, Caroline
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of Economics


Subject Stanford Department of Economics
Subject administration
Subject operational features
Subject secondary school
Subject audit
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Subject assessment.
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