Teaching and performance : a study in two acts

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This dissertation explores the ways in which performance, as a way of knowing, a means of practice, and a mode of inquiry, characterizes the act/art of teaching. Drawing insights from cognitive neuroscience, analytic philosophy, and poststructuralist theory, act one advances a conception of "pedagogical performance" that challenges ongoing attempts by advocates of "scientifically based" education research to establish a "knowledge base" of teacher effectiveness. These chapters culminate in a case study of the political economy of teaching in Singapore, where a regime of Performance Management may be seen to control, albeit tenuously, the discourses of teacher professionalism through which teachers' performances are evaluated and legitimated. Act two comprises three separate but related chapters that examine social and cultural performances of literacy, identity, and oracy in virtual learning environments. Throughout, I experiment with "performative writing" as a mode of analysis, "data" representation, and reflexive critique. In sum, my dissertation proposes a modest but ambitious exploration of "performance" as an expansive paradigm for making sense of the complexities of teaching and learning, drawing on a rich body of interdisciplinary scholarship that has come under the inclusive banner of Performance Studies.


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Associated with Stanford University, School of Education.
Primary advisor Lunsford, Andrea A, 1942-
Primary advisor McDermott, Ray (Raymond Patrick), 1946-
Thesis advisor Lunsford, Andrea A, 1942-
Thesis advisor McDermott, Ray (Raymond Patrick), 1946-
Thesis advisor Ball, Arnetha F, 1950-
Thesis advisor Goldman, Shelley V
Thesis advisor Haertel, Edward
Advisor Ball, Arnetha F, 1950-
Advisor Goldman, Shelley V
Advisor Haertel, Edward


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Statement of responsibility Warren Mark Liew.
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Thesis Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University, 2010.
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