Quantum networking with quantum dot spins and telecom photons

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An outstanding challenge in quantum information processing is the harnessing of entanglement on a large scale and across long distances. Semiconductor quantum dot spins are promising building blocks for large-scale quantum information processors because of their short gate times and scalability using fabrication technology. Telecom photons carry information for the long-distance telecommunications because of their low propagation loss in silica optical fibers. For extensive quantum information processing, however, quantum dot spins and telecom photons need to be synergized with a set of quantum networking operations. We have demonstrated the following set of quantum networking operations: wavelength translation, quantum erasure, encoding, and standardization. First, single photons from quantum dots are wavelength translated from 910 nm to the telecom wavelength band while preserving photon statistics and coherence. Second, the energy difference between spin branches, potentially leaking which-path information to the environment, is quantum erased to verify quantum-dot spin-photon entanglement. Third, the entanglement is encoded into a time-bin basis, such that the spin-photon correlation can persist over 2 km of propagation distance in optical fibers. Fourth, 900- and 910-nm single photons from disparate, remote quantum emitters are standardized to show two-photon interference in the telecom wavelengths. The combination of these four operations could entangle solid-state quantum information processors across tens of kilometers.


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