Replacing the "teacher-proof" curriculum with the "curriculum-proof" teacher : toward a more systematic way for mathematics teachers to interact with their textbooks

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This research examines when and how secondary mathematics teachers adapt textbook curricula within "typical" cycles of planning and teaching over the course of a school year. The curriculum use of four middle and high school teachers was examined before (September) and after (December, March) engagement in a form of professional development called the Mathematics Curriculum Assessment and Adaptation (MCAA) process. Classroom materials were collected from teachers at three distinct points in the school year, at which time teachers were observed and interviewed about their planning and teaching practices. Overall, the number of textbook materials teachers used as-is dropped dramatically while the number of materials they adapted increased. This finding was true regardless of teaching experience, teaching context, textbook used or content taught, and was reflected in changes in teachers' commentaries about their planning and teaching and changes in classroom practice. Furthermore, the types of adaptations teachers made to their curricula were more reflective of the MCAA process in March than they were in the beginning of the school year. This dissertation research sits within the broader domain of understanding how mathematics teachers use curriculum and raises new questions about how, when and why teachers make changes to textbook materials.


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