Learning-Related Behaviors and Literacy Achievement in Elementary School-Aged Children

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This longitudinal study investigated associations between children's learning-related behaviors and literacy achievement in an ethnically diverse sample of low-income children throughout elementary school. Children's literacy and learning-related behavior (e.g., working independently, seeking challenges) were assessed when they were in kindergarten or first grade and again in the third and fifth grades. The results showed fair consistency over time in both learning-related behaviors and literacy skills. Learning-related behaviors in one grade predicted literacy achievement in the subsequent grade in which it was assessed, but literacy skills did not predict subsequent learning-related behaviors.


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Date created 2010


Author Stipek, Deborah
Author Chudgar, Amita
Author Newton, Stephen


Subject Elementary School-Aged Children
Subject Literacy Achievement
Genre Article

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Related Publication Stipek, D., Chudgar, A., Newton, S. (2010). Learning-Related Behaviors and Literacy Achievement in Elementary School-Aged Children. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 25(3): 385–395.
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