Stability of organizational status systems. [TR 10]

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Technical Report no.10 is about systems and Technical Report no. 10 (Revised) is about structures.
The authors develop theoretical foundation for ideas in earlier TRs and elsewhere on status consistency, focusing on effects for organizations. When disequilibrated (inconsistent) ranks of individuals and jobs become salient, organizational stability is weakened. This TR was published by the authors (1966).
Later published in "Sociological Theories in Progress", vol.1, pp.269-294.
[Abstract by Murray Webster, 2014.]


Type of resource text
Date created February 1965


Author Zelditch, Morris, Jr.,
Author Berger, Joseph
Author Cohen, Bernard P.
Publisher Stanford University, Department of Sociology, Laboratory for Social Research


Subject Social status
Subject Organizational behavior
Genre Technical report

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Zelditch, Morris, Jr., Berger, Joseph and Cohen, Bernard P. (1965). Stability of organizational status systems. Technical Report 10, Laboratory for Social Research, Stanford University Department of Sociology. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


Laboratory for Social Research Technical Report Series (1961-1985), Stanford University Department of Sociology

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