Flow Between Matrix Blocks and Fractures in Double Porosity Systems

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General characteristics of naturally fractured reservoirs are discussed in detail. In order to simulate the behavior of this type of reservoirs accurately, an accurate determination of transfer flow between fractures and matrix blocks in double porosity system which idealizes the naturally fractured reservoirs is extremely important. Analytical and numerical approaches are used to investigate this transfer flow. The shape factor which accounts for the flow is derived based on finite difference forms of the flow equations. The analytical solution shows that the pseudo-steady state is the best and simplest assumption for matrix blocks. Based on this assumption, a transfer function is derived for single phase flow using material balance concept. By assuming that a simulation grid block contains a certain number of matrix blocks with different sizes and introducing a frequency function f(h ma)c , the shape factor and transfer function are extended to this kind of double porosity systems. The frequency function represents the pore volume stored in matrix blocks of size h ma expressed as a function of the total pore volume of the matrix blocks in a given grid block. Two-phase flow is also considered. By numerical approaches, Kazemi and Merrill's (6) fractured core imbibition experiments are simulated using a commercial simulator. This is done by using small blocks for the fractures with different properties from those of the larger matrix blocks. The experimental results are well matched for low flow rate tests. This provides some evidences of the reliability of using standard (single porosity) models to simulate fractured reservoirs.


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Date created December 1985


Author Chen, Jianping
Primary advisor Aziz, Khalid
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of Petroleum Engineering


Subject School of Earth Energy & Environmental Sciences
Genre Thesis

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Chen, Jianping. (1985). Flow Between Matrix Blocks and Fractures in Double Porosity Systems. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: https://purl.stanford.edu/wn970fv7310


Master's Theses, Doerr School of Sustainability

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