Marine Life Observatory Photoquadrats - Intertidal Photos (Bird Rock East and Bird Rock West)

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The purpose of this time series is to document small-scale changes in the sessile benthic community within the Hopkins Marine Life Refuge. Data are gathered photographically from permanently-marked vertical or steeply-sloped rock surfaces. Horizontal surfaces were avoided in order to minimize the masking effect of large overlying algae that are more prevalent on horizontal substrates.

Permanent 0.5 m2 plots are photographed at least 3 times per year: in late winter (canopy-minimum, after winter storm disturbance but prior to onset of spring/summer larval recruitment), mid-summer (canopy maximum, peak growth & expansion of seasonal spp. such as tunicates) & late autumn (declining canopy cover, recession of seasonal spp). Thirty-two locations comprising 52 individual photoquadrats are divided among three sites within the kelp forest adjacent to the marine station.

This item contains the Intertidal photos - Bird Rock East and Bird Rock West through November 2024.


Type of resource still image
Date created 2014 - 2024
Date modified August 20, 2021; July 28, 2022; July 28, 2022; July 28, 2022; September 15, 2022; July 12, 2024
Publication date January 30, 2020


Research team head Micheli, Fiorenza


Subject department of biology
Subject hopkins marine station
Subject subtidal
Subject intertidal
Subject quadrats
Subject time series
Subject ecology
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