Multiplexed immuno-magnetic enrichment of cells and downstream molecular analysis

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This thesis is about the characterization, and applications of the magnetic sifter. The magnetic sifter is a microfabricated cell separation device that enables high throughput cell separation with good capture and release properties. The unique magnetic and fluidic properties of the magnetic sifter that contribute to its unprecedented capture and release performance are discussed based on finite element analysis, and experimental characterization. In addition, this thesis will also cover the extension of the magnetic sifter towards accomplishing multiplexed magnetic separation. In particular, it will be shown how judicious manipulation of the competing magnetic and hydrodynamic forces, the dominant factors in the magnetic sifter, allow for multiplexing by a variety of methods. Lastly, this thesis will also expand on the various downstream molecular methods that have been shown to integrate well with the magnetic sifter. It shall be made evident that the magnetic sifter causes no adverse effects in the phenotype of the isolated cells, and that various downstream molecular analysis methods all combine well with the magnetic sifter. Data is presented for all these methods, and will illustrate the potential the magnetic sifter has, for various clinical applications in the near future.


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Associated with Stanford University, Department of Chemical Engineering.
Primary advisor Swartz, James R
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Thesis advisor Swartz, James R
Thesis advisor Wang, Shan
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Advisor Dunn, Alexander Robert


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Statement of responsibility Chin Chun Ooi.
Note Submitted to the Department of Chemical Engineering.
Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2016.
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