A miniature, energy harvesting, scalable data rate, and fully integrated mmWave radio for near range communication

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In this thesis, an integrated 2×2 CMOS transceiver at 60GHz with energy harvesting capability in the transmitter mode is demonstrated. The two dipole antennas are implemented on-chip and are shared between the receiver and transmitter modes using a T/R switch. The radio supports On-Off-Keying (OOK) modulation and a programmable data rate of 38 to 2450Mb/s at a BER of less than 5×10−4. The power consumption of the transmitter scales with data rate. For a communication distance of 5cm, the transmitter consumes 100μW to 6.3mW for a data rate of 38 to 2450Mb/s, respectively. For a communication distance of 10cm, the transmitter consumes 260μW to 11.9mW for a data rate of 38 to 2450Mb/s, respectively. This yields an energy efficiency of 2.6pJ/b at 5cm and 4.9pJ/b at 10cm. The energy harvesting circuits operate at 2.45GHz with an average efficiency of 33%. The harvesting antenna and its matching components are off-chip. The complete transceiver including the energy harvesting block and on-chip antennas occupies 1.62mm2 in 40nm CMOS, which is the smallest 60GHz radio with on-chip antennas to date. This work is the first implementation of a 60GHz transmitter with scalable data rate and power that has the energy harvesting capability.


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Associated with Taghivand, Mazhareddin
Associated with Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Primary advisor Poon, Ada Shuk Yan
Thesis advisor Poon, Ada Shuk Yan
Thesis advisor Howe, Roger Thomasr
Thesis advisor Wong, S
Advisor Howe, Roger Thomasr
Advisor Wong, S


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Statement of responsibility Mazhareddin Taghivand.
Note Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering.
Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2015.
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