#VivaJOH o #FueraJOH: An analysis of Twitter’s takedown of Honduran accounts

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On April 2, 2020, Twitter announced a takedown of datasets attributed to the social media manager of Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado (commonly referred to by his initials “JOH”). Among the over 3,000 accounts pulled down were the accounts of the Honduran government-owned television station Televisión Nacional de Honduras, several content creator accounts, accounts linked to several presidential initiatives, and some “like-for-likes” accounts likely in the follower-building stage. Interestingly, a subset of accounts in the dataset are related to self-identified artists, writers, feminists and intellectuals who largely posted tweets critical of the Honduran president.


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Date created April 2, 2020
Date modified August 24, 2022
Publication date August 24, 2022; April 2, 2020


Author Cryst, Elena ORCiD icon https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8876-2752 (unverified)
Author García-Camargo, Isabella


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Cryst, E. and García-Camargo, I. (2020). #VivaJOH o #FueraJOH: An analysis of Twitter’s takedown of Honduran accounts. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at https://purl.stanford.edu/vz964sv5963


Stanford Internet Observatory, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

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