TR064: Constructibility Input to Preliminary Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

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In his Ph.D. research, Martin Fischer developed a Construction Knowledge Expert System (COKE) that provides constructibility feedback for the preliminary design of reinforced concrete building structures. It utilizes real-world construction knowledge to critique the layout and dimensioning of structural elements (walls, columns, beams, slabs) that are represented as objects in a CAD system. COKE is implemented in KAPPA-PC and linked to CIFECAD, an object-based CAD system developed on top of AutoCAD. When providing constructibility feedback, COKE first builds a symbolic geometrical and topological project model based on the information in the CAD system. It then uses high level application heuristics to determine whether a construction method is applicable or not. Finally, it compares the project data in the symbolic model with specific constraints about the layout and dimensioning of structural elements, and alerts a designer about mismatches between these constraints and the structure.


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Date created July 1991


Author Fischer, Martin


Subject CIFE
Subject Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Subject Stanford University
Subject COKE
Subject Constructibility Input
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