Syntheses, applications, and transformations of 2D and 3D lead halide perovskites for photovoltaics and other energy technologies

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Halide perovskites have recently had a precipitous rise in the photovoltaic community because they can be solution-processed from inexpensive materials and produce solar conversion efficiencies that rival mature thin film and Si technologies. Here, I will discuss my own contributions to halide perovskite optoelectronics by discussing two projects. First, I will detail our studies on a subclass of two-dimensional halide perovskites whose structure is analogous to the Ruddlesden--Popper oxide perovskites. These materials are intermediate to the traditional halide perovskite structure-types and therefore they display intermediate optoelectronic properties that can be favorable for photovoltaics. We demonstrated the first example of a layered perovskite acting as a solar cell absorber and also show that these materials have greater stability towards humidity. Second, I present a strategy to manufacture high-quality halide perovskites via post-synthetic modification. Halogen redox chemistry governs that halide ions in the lattice of perovskites can be oxidized and exchanged with external halogens of a higher oxidation state. This reaction is shown to be a single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation and provides a general strategy for making device-quality halide perovskites where traditional methods are difficult or impossible to use. These findings show how the Chemist's approach is valuable for halide perovskite optoelectronics, where advances have real potential to positively impact the global energy economy.


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