Towards high-efficiency electrically-driven nanobeam lasers

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Optics has been used for long-distance communications for decades thanks to its large capacity. Continuing growth of the network and computer usage cannot be supported by electrical interconnects in both energy consumption and bandwidth, and use of optics for shorter distance communications have drawn a great interest. The introduction of the photonic crystal cavities enables us to obtain ultra-small laser structures with low threshold current and energy operation for off-chip and on-chip optical interconnects, but an efficient current injection into such small structures has remained problematic. In this thesis, two photonic crystal nanobeam cavities are designed to realize lasers with low threshold currents and efficient electrical injection using wet etch and oxidation, then detailed work to realize those structures are described. Simulation results of the revised nanobeams with wet etch and oxidation show that high cavity quality (Q-) factors can be obtained with effective electrical injection by placing carrier guiding structures properly. We employ the designed nanobeam cavity with wet etched P and N regions and investigate oxidation process and analyze results to form a current blocking layer. We demonstrate laser threshold behaviors under room-temperature and continuous-wave optical pumping condition from the wet etched structure, and suppressed leakage current through the InGaAs sacrificial layer and InP substrate by defining a trench structure around N electrode.


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Associated with Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Primary advisor Harris, J. S. (James Stewart), 1942-
Thesis advisor Harris, J. S. (James Stewart), 1942-
Thesis advisor Fan, Shanhui, 1972-
Thesis advisor Miller, D. A. B
Advisor Fan, Shanhui, 1972-
Advisor Miller, D. A. B


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Statement of responsibility Seonghyun Paik.
Note Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering.
Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2017.
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