ISET multispectral scenes of fruit, books, color calibration charts

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A set of multispectral image data are made available, intended for use in modeling of imaging systems. This dataset includes scenes of books, fruits, and color calibration charts captured under different scene illuminants. The file "montage.jpg" shows monochrome images take from cropped sections of the scene data. The spectral data range between 400 and 700 nm. The data can be easily read into Matlab using the ISETCam function called "sceneFromFile". A link to the GitHub repository for the ISETCam Matlab toolbox is provided below.


Type of resource software, multimedia
Date created 2008 - 2012


Author Farrell, Joyce
Author Wandell, Brian
Author Parmar, Manu


Subject ISET
Subject scene
Subject multispectral
Genre Dataset

Bibliographic information

Related Publication J. E. Farrell, P. B. Catrysse, and B. A. Wandell. Digital camera simulation. Applied Optics, Vol. 51, Issue 4, pp. A80-A90 (2012)
Related Publication J. E. Farrell, F. Xiao, P. Catrysse, B. Wandell. A simulation tool for evaluating digital camera image quality. Proceedings of the SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference, Vol. 5294, Santa Clara, CA, January 2004
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-ND).

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M. Parmar, F. Imai, S. Park, J. Farrell. A database of high dynamic range visible and near-infrared multispectral images. Proceedings of the SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference Vol. 6817, 2008


ISET Multispectral Image Database

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