Sexual Education in Brazil: A Comparison of National Policies with UNESCO’s Guidelines

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While there is significant evidence that Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) yields
positive outcomes, there is a lack of access to CSE for children and adolescents around the
world. The purpose of this study is to examine the current landscape of sexual education (SE) in
Brazil and compare Brazil’s national policies for school-based SE with the United Nations
Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) guidelines for CSE.
Specifically, I analyse Brazil’s national public policies, national curriculum, and teacher
education. Through qualitative document analysis, this research highlights the misalignment
between Brazilian national policies and UNESCO’s guidelines, the influence of local progressive
movements, and the impact of conservative waves. The study emphasizes the importance of
developing and implementing clear and inclusive public policies on CSE, with age-appropriate
information for all students, empowerment of educators, and multi-sectoral collaboration beyond
the school environment.


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Date created August 2023
Date modified August 7, 2023; August 15, 2023
Publication date August 3, 2023


Author Ruiz de Oliveira, Natália


Subject Sex education
Subject comprehensive sexuality education
Subject public policies
Subject Brazil
Subject progressive
Subject conservative
Subject Stanford Graduate School of Education International Education Policy Analysis
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Ruiz de Oliveira, N. (2023). Sexual Education in Brazil: A Comparison of National Policies with UNESCO’s Guidelines. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


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