Project Olympus SAC 2022 Technical Report

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This technical report details the design, testing, and manufacturing of a liquid bi-propellant sounding rocket by the Stanford Student Space Initiative for the 2022 Spaceport America Cup’s 30,000ft Hybrid/Liquid Category. The 5 inch diameter, 10 foot long launch vehicle is powered by an N-class nitrous oxide and kerosene pressure-fed liquid motor with a max. thrust of 350 lbf. Fiberglass structures house custom flight avionics with LoRa radio telemetry capabilities alongside custom parachutes with redundant deployment mechanisms for vehicle recovery. The vehicle will fly a payload studying micro-gravity slosh dynamics to inform future experiments to be performed aboard a Blue Origin launch.


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Date created May 21, 2022
Publication date December 5, 2022; May 13, 2022


Author Ali, Rahma
Author Bell, Spencer
Author Newport, Max
Author Horde, Blake
Author Abdalla, Ahmed
Author Dreilinger, Flynn
Author Adamkiewicz, Michal
Author Vrakas, Tim
Author Harris, Maya
Author Wall, James
Author Boeschen, Sam
Author Nida, William
Author Krinos, Angelina
Author Porteous, Isobel
Author Schmitt, Alex
Author Sigrest, Eleanor
Author Nguyen, Jade
Author Manson, Max
Author Lee, Jolene
Author Nutt, Evelyn
Author Socolof, Giulia
Author AbuHashem, Yousef


Subject Rocket engines
Subject Avionics
Subject Sloshing (Hydrodynamics)
Subject Aerospace engineering
Subject Mechanical engineering
Subject Propulsion systems
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Genre Technical report

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Ali, R. and Bell, S. (2022). Project Olympus SAC 2022 Technical Report. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


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