Social Connection, Loneliness, and Social Burdens as Experienced by Participants in the WELL for Life Project

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Background and objectives: Social connectedness is a key component of health and well-being, yet certain subdomains of social connectedness deserve closer attention in certain populations. This report examines three subdomains of social connectedness in different age and gender groups.
Research Design and methods: Participants (n=4043) completed an online survey as part of the Stanford WELL for Life project. The survey included 13 items tapping social connectedness. Factor analysis was used to construct three subscales from these items. Linear regressions were used to evaluate associations between age and scores on these subscales among all participants and stratified by gender. Transcripts from semi-structured interviews (n=102) in which participants described periods of high and low well-being were reviewed in order to further illuminate the regression results.
Results: Three sub-domains of social connectedness were identified: social support and belonging; loneliness; and social burdens. Female gender was significantly linked to greater experiences of social burdens. Qualitative data from interviews extended this finding: women were more likely to discuss experiences of being drained by helping care for others (particularly family) than men, though men talked more about difficulty in meeting others’ expectations. Older age was significantly linked with lower experiences of loneliness and more social connectedness regardless of gender.
Discussion and implications: Studies of social connectedness and well-being may benefit from including measures of social burdens. Interventions to improve the well-being of those with low social connectedness might focus on high loneliness among young people and high social burdens among women.


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Author Crane, Steven Michael
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