Social Media Advertisements and Millennials: An Analysis of the Influences on Consuming Behavior

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This paper investigates how advertisements through social media platforms affect the purchasing behaviors of millennial consumers. As social media become even more integrated into daily life, it is becoming harder to avoid the subtle influences stemming from our screens. In addition, because the millennial demographic spends more time online than any other age group, they are a prime focus group for companies to target. This paper aims to consolidate and analyze current literature in psychology, marketing, and sociology regarding Millennials’ spending habits and preferences. Furthermore, it explores how their relationship with smartphones affects how brands can influence them online. By being aware of these relationships and factors, Millennials can have stronger autonomy in their buying behavior and prevent companies from subtly controlling their individual preferences.


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Date created March 2, 2018


Author Keel, Jisoo
Advisor Hamilton, James, 1961-
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of Communication


Subject Millennials
Subject consumer behavior
Subject advertisements
Subject social media
Subject smartphones
Subject influence
Subject uses & gratification theory
Subject social cognition
Subject social comparison theory
Subject mere exposure effect
Subject status
Subject group norms
Subject Stanford University Department of Communication
Genre Thesis

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Keel, Jisoo. (2018). Social Media Advertisements and Millennials: An Analysis of the Influences on Consuming Behavior. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


Masters Theses in Media Studies, Department of Communication, Stanford University

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