Multifidelity optimization for supersonic aircraft design

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Numerical optimization techniques are often used in aircraft design to efficiently search a multidimensional space for improved designs. The optimization process can be excessively time consuming, however, due to the computationally expensive analyses that are typically required to accurately predict many aspects of vehicle performance throughout the design space. Multifidelity optimization techniques incorporate information from less expensive, but possibly less accurate (i.e., low-fidelity), analyses to reduce the time required to find an optimal configuration. The goal of this work was to develop an efficient multifidelity optimization technique and to demonstrate its effectiveness in the conceptual design of a small supersonic aircraft. The novel multifidelity optimization method combines local gradient information and 1-D search, in a manner similar to that used by some of the most efficient single-fidelity optimization strategies, with additional information from low cost, low-fidelity analyses. The 1-D search is performed along a curved path, generated by the optimization of a corrected low-fidelity model, to ensure improvement during each iteration. The effectiveness of this approach was demonstrated on a few simple problems, and then applied to supersonic aircraft design. This involved the integration of analyses of varying fidelity for supersonic inviscid drag predictions into an existing mission analysis routine. The low-fidelity analysis includes a new area rule method capable of providing reliable gradients. The high-fidelity analysis uses an Euler solver, Cart3D, to estimate inviscid drag. The new multifidelity optimization method and a traditional gradient-based optimizer were each used to design a 39 passenger supersonic transport. The multifidelity optimizer required significantly fewer high-fidelity analyses, while achieving similar design objectives, in each of the example problems.


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Advisor MacCormack, R. W. (Robert William), 1940-


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Note Submitted to the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Thesis Thesis (Ph.D.)--Stanford University, 2012.
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