John Dewey's pragmatic utopianism : a critical analysis of his views on education, religion, and their influences upon social life

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John Dewey (1859-1952) is well known as a founding figure of the American philosophical school of Pragmatism. However, his vision for future social life, especially with regards to the role of education and religion, does not seem to fit comfortably within this philosophical framework. While Dewey believed that the scientific method, a key component of his Pragmatism, if widely adopted and internalized, would usher in a new era for American life, he was also drawn to envision the future in terms that expressed kinship with Utopian and spiritual aspirations that can seem in tension with his Pragmatism. John Dewey's Pragmatic Utopianism: A Critical Analysis of his Views on Education, Religion and Their Influences Upon Social Life examines how Dewey's philosophy, rooted in Pragmatism, contained some characteristics of Utopianism as well. Byway of a careful analysis of some central Deweyan texts including The School and Society (1900), A Common Faith (1934) and Experience and Education (1938), written during two important eras of his career, his tenure at the University of Chicago and during the period immediately following his official retirement from Columbia University, this work demonstrates how Dewey was able to develop a Utopian-inspired vision for future social life in accordance with his philosophical commitment to Pragmatism. This unique approach is best described as Pragmatic Utopianism. Throughout his lengthy career, Dewey brought his Pragmatic Utopianist outlook to bear upon his understanding and vision of the role of education and religious life in improving society.


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