Female Genital Mutilation and the Right to Bodily Integrity

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For her capstone project, Daria Lenz explored the current rights and protections for women vulnerable to female genital cutting (FGM). Building off her previous research on the subject in HUMRTS 101, her capstone project addresses the various perspectives tied to cultural traditions, body rights, and children’s rights, as well as debates from a human rights perspective. Daria created a podcast series where she interviewed experts from the medical and human rights field to hear their opinion and research on this topic. Podcast guests included Associate Dean for Maternal and Child Health Gary L. Darmstadt, Health Equity Institute Assistant Professor of Economics at UCSF Dr. Modrek, and Professor of Medicine Dr. Stefanick. Daria hopes to bring to light the different discourses around FGM and provide a thorough understanding of this practice.


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Date created [ca. May 30, 2022]


Author Lenz, Daria


Subject Women's Health
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Subject Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
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Lenz, D. (2022). Female Genital Mutilation and the Right to Bodily Integrity. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at https://purl.stanford.edu/sp311bw2936


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