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Preschoolers’ math skills at kindergarten-entry are powerful predictors of future academic success. Home is the key learning environment for young children, but barriers such as time and parental math anxiety can limit positive math interactions within families. Many parents turn to digital learning tools for their preschoolers. Apps that feature socially meaningful characters can be particularly conducive to learning and model opportunities for math talk. Together Math aims to maximize this social meaningfulness by placing a child’s own parent within a learning app. This feature allows the voice of a child’s mother or other familiar caregiver to replace the standard in-app audio in existing learning apps. This will directly improve in-app learning and promote spontaneous transfer of math talk to the physical world. By directly improving math skills and interrupting the link between parental math anxiety and student math achievement, Together Math promises to support school readiness and future academic success.


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Date created August 20, 2021
Date modified December 5, 2022
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Author Kinsey, Gina


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