Detailed Gazetteer of Hungary, 2011

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Geocoded database of detailed gazetteer of Hungary (2011) published by KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) and available for download Source:


Type of resource cartographic, software, multimedia
Form Shapefile
Extent 0.361
Publisher GeoX Kft.
Publication date 2022
Language English
Digital origin born digital
Map data Scale not given. ; Custom projection E 16°9ʹ46ʺ--E 22°52ʹ59ʺ/N 48°34ʹ39ʺ--N 45°45ʹ36ʺ, Scale not given ; EPSG::4326


Creator GeoX Kft.


Subject Names, Geographical
Subject Hungary
Subject 2011
Subject Location
Genre Geospatial data
Genre Cartographic dataset

Bibliographic information

WGS84 Cartographics This layer is presented in the WGS84 coordinate system for web display purposes. Downloadable data are provided in native coordinate system or projection.

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These data are licensed by Stanford Libraries and are available to Stanford University affiliates only. Affiliates are limited to current faculty, staff and students. Non affiliates seeking access should contact the publisher directly. These data may not be reproduced or used for any purpose without permission.
Copyright ownership resides with the originator.

Preferred citation

Preferred citation
GeoX Kft. (2020). Detailed Gazetteer of Hungary, 2011. GeoX Kft. Available at:


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