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Intonation of the Murray Flute; Letter to Alex Murray - Tests of Flute in F; Characterizing Finger holes in the Modern Flute; Report on Armstrong Prototype Flutes; Letter to Al Singleton; Acoustic Parameters of Flute Holes and Keys 4pp + Figs; Report on Cooper-Scale Powell Flute, 3pp +Figures; Letter to Bickford Brannen 12/8/75; Letter from Mark Thomas, Armstrong, 4/8/76; Letter to Jack Moore with measurements of Cooper Scale Flute; Bibliography on Flute Acoustics - Letter to Carleton Sperati; Intonation Changes due to the C# vent; Resonances of Three Alto Saxophones (Report to C. G. Conn, Ltd; Letter to Gary Sigurdson, (Conn) with further info on Three Alto Saxes; Resonances of Four Alto Saxophones - Report to Conn; Letter to Gary Sigurdson (Conn) with discussion of 2.09, 2.10 and 2.11; Report on Murray Flute in F (Jack Moore and A. K. Cooper), 4pp; Report on Murray Piccolo; Intonation Comparisons of Alto Saxophones (for C. G. Conn Ltd.; Neck Bore Modifications for an E-flat Alto Sax, report to C. G. Conn, Ltd.; Patent disclosure: Tuning adjustment for saxophones or reed instruments; Report on Murray - Moore gold flute #42; Leak measurement in the Boehm flute; A flute with square holes - Leonard Lopatin; Wind instruments and tone quality - panel presentation.


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Date created 1974 - 1997
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