Performers' interpretation and expression of local melodic groupings : neural representations and evidence of embodiment

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Performers' interpretations include representations of melodic shape, resulting either in an emphasis of short melodic groupings or a stronger integration of such groupings into a phrase. Through a collection of three studies, the current project seeks to better understand if such interpretations are differentially embodied by performers, and if the similarity of local groupings within implied melodic lines affects performers' neural representations reflecting the segregation of those lines. Chapters 2-3 present studies where performers' audio and motion is recorded and analyzed while playing passages in which local grouping interpretations are made explicit (Chapter 2) or are not explicit, but where segments are manipulated in pitch to suggest either a strong or weak melodic discontinuity (Chapter 3). In Chapter 4, performers had their electroencephalogram (EEG) recorded while playing melodic motifs whose similarity between implied lines was manipulated. Overall, the findings suggest that performers' interpretation and expression of local melodic groupings is reflected in nontechnical gestures such as side-to-side body motions in violinists and up-down head motions in cellists, and that the presence of similar or dissimilar motifs is impactful in performers' neural representations of multiple implied melodic lines.


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