Doing "accomplished" teaching : discourses and performances of English language arts pedagogy in National Board Certification

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Over the past few decades, teaching performance assessments (TPAs) have proliferated in credentialing and evaluating teachers. In contrast to traditional, one-off measures of teacher knowledge and practice, such as standardized tests or standalone classroom observations, TPAs use portfolio-based assessments to capture multiple, complex dimensions of teaching (Darling-Hammond & Snyder, 2000). The National Board Certification, the focus of this dissertation, is one such TPA. As TPAs have become part of "multiple and often contradictory" discourses of education reform and accountability (Cochran-Smith & Fries, 2001), they play an increasing role in defining what counts as teacher knowledge and effective practice. In this dissertation, I focus on the National Board Certification process for English Language Arts (ELA). Using sociocultural theory and the lens of figured worlds, I argue that the National Board Standards and assessment are discourses with embedded ideologies, and teachers' representations of teaching within TPAs are situated performances. Through analysis of the National Board ELA Standards, I identify ideological contradictions and inconsistencies within the assessment itself. Drawing on data from teachers' National Board portfolios and interviews, I highlight the range of interpretations of the assessment among teachers as they sought to represent themselves and get recognized as "accomplished" ELA teachers. Finally, I discuss potential implications for this work, including redesigning TPAs to encourage expansive pedagogies and questioning the logic and institutional function of assessments. I also suggest avenues for future research and practice in teacher education.


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