BIOME: Building Use Analyzer and Dashboard

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Documentation for the 2023 Stanford AREC team, who collaborated with TU Wien on improving sustainability in current commercial buildings in Vienna by measuring Environmental, Societal, and Governance(ESG) Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Documentation details the problem background, user definition, benchmarking, need finding, exploring solutions, design specification, design requirements, and testing constructed prototypes.


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Date modified June 19, 2023; July 25, 2023
Publication date April 3, 2023; 2023


Author Wang, Qirui
Author DeWitt, Josh
Author Chaudhary, Kanishk
Author Phan, Lisa
Author Hunter, Max
Author Ravindar, Naveen
Author Sagasser, Nathalie
Author Resch, Moritz
Author Zehetner, Laurenz
Author Cunha, Rita
Advisor Lath, Adrit
Advisor Ge, Xiao
Advisor Redlein, Alexander


Subject ESG
Subject KPI
Subject Sustainability
Subject Vienna
Subject European Union
Subject Prototypes, Engineering
Subject General Data Protection Regulation (European Parliament)
Subject HVAC
Subject Building management system
Subject MQTT
Subject Building management > Automation
Genre Text
Genre Capstone
Genre Report
Genre Student project report

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Preferred citation
Wang, Q., DeWitt, J., Chaudhary, K., Phan, L., Hunter, M., and Ravindar, N. (2023). BIOME: Building Use Analyzer and Dashboard. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


ME310 Project Based Engineering Design

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