Contexts: Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal in Anthropology, Spring 2021

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Contexts is a peer reviewed journal designed to allow Stanford undergraduates to share, discuss, and reflect on anthropology-informed thought and research. For questions, comments, or to get involved please visit or email

5: Letter from the Editors
6-11: Psychedelic Women: The Women of Counterculture and the Summer of Love
by Kheli Buckley Atluru
12-21: Achieving Trans-cendence: An Analysis of Alok Vaid-Menon’s Multimedia Approaches to the Dissolution of the Western Gender Binary
by Angie Lopez
22-29: Examining the Relationship Between the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Crisis and the Development of Extractive Industries
by Ella Varney
30-38: Soyboys and Soygirls:
A Reformed Feminist Vegetarianism
by Cameron Lange
39-41" Is Home Where the Heart Is or Is Heart Where the Home Is?
by Sehajleen Kaur
42-47: Alienation, Agency, the Body and Bracero Identity
by Jessica Femenias
48-56: To Develop, or Not to Develop... What Does That Mean, Anyway? The Urgent Challenges of Implementing Alternative Theories of Development
by Sarah MacHarg
57-63: A Must-Visit Destination: The Effect of Tourism on Marginalized Khmers in Cambodia
by Vanessa Veak
64-72: Imperfect Solutions: How Agrarian Ideals Drive “Ugly Produce” Marketing
by Natalie Milan
73-77: Giddha: Joyous Expression of Distress
by Harleen Kaur
78-80: Meet the Authors, Meet the Artist, Meet the Editors


Date modified December 5, 2022
Publication date May 31, 2022; May 2021


Author Atluru, Kheli
Author Lopez, Angie
Author Varney, Ella
Author Lange, Cameron
Author Kaur, Sehajleen
Author Femenias, Jessica
Author MacHarg, Sarah
Author Veak, Vanessa
Author Milan, Natalie
Author Kaur, Harleen
Editor Blancaflor, Sadie
Editor Khan, Minha


Subject anthropology
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Atluru, K., Lopez, A., Varney, E., Lange, C., Kaur, S., Femenias, J., MacHarg, S., Veak, V., Milan, N., Kaur, H., Blancaflor, S., and Khan, M. (2022). Contexts: Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal in Anthropology, Spring 2021. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


CONTEXTS: Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal in Anthropology

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