A parameterized adams spectral sequence for applied topology

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Given an environment that changes over time, under what conditions can it be navigated? From a prescient AI seeking strategies for Frogger to museum thieves trying to avoid the Night Watch (with The Night Watch safely in tow), this is a present and interesting mathematical question. In topological terms, we are interested in the space of sections of a map of spaces X -> I. More broadly, we are interested in describing and computing good invariants for parameterized spaces, which is to say, spaces X equipped with a map to a base space B. We record a number of invariants for such spaces, in the form of sheaves on the base space B, and discuss how these invariants can help us answer the original problem of navigating a changing space. Our main result is the construction of a Bousfield--Kan spectral sequence to aid in computing the "best" of our invariants, the parameterized homotopy groups of a parameterized space. We reinterpret this as an unstable Adams-type spectral sequence, and then give some computations which, in nice cases, computes the homotopy group of the space of sections of a map.


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Author Mackey, Wyatt Tyrrell
Degree supervisor Carlsson, G. (Gunnar), 1952-
Degree supervisor Vakil, Ravi
Thesis advisor Carlsson, G. (Gunnar), 1952-
Thesis advisor Vakil, Ravi
Thesis advisor Manolescu, Ciprian, 1978-
Degree committee member Manolescu, Ciprian, 1978-
Associated with Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences
Associated with Stanford University, Department of Mathematics


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Statement of responsibility Wyatt Mackey.
Note Submitted to the Department of Mathematics.
Thesis Thesis Ph.D. Stanford University 2023.
Location https://purl.stanford.edu/qp579zt0968

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