Guided Corner - Support Children’s Understanding of Emotions

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Just like all of us, children experience many emotions and thoughts throughout the day. Children who are still learning how to navigate emotions need a way to learn to be aware and describe these big feelings. However, children who have difficulties dealing with emotions may not have the personal resources to focus on learning or guidance to facilitate learning about emotional awareness. Based on a survey of 31 parents with children in 3rd to 5th grade, 93% believe learning self-awareness like awareness for emotions, bodily sensations, and emotional reactions are important for their children. Additionally, 58% indicated their child is not yet capable of describing their feelings, and 39% often don’t know about their child’s unpleasant emotions. When children are emotionally aware, they can more effectively navigate relationships and solve problems. Guided Corner is a digital application that facilitates 3rd to 5th-grade learners learning about thoughts and feelings through mindfulness practice and self-reflection. Designed to provide autonomy and privacy, Guided Corner provides a safe space for children to learn about their thoughts and emotions. A preliminary user study shows that a learning experience centered around learning principles like agency, worked example, and reflection can foster young learners’ emotional understanding.


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Date created August 20, 2021
Date modified December 5, 2022
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Author Chien, Chieh


Subject social emotional learning
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Subject Emotions in children
Subject Emotions
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Subject mindfulness
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