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AudExpCreator is a GUI-based Matlab tool for designing and creating auditory experiments. It allows users to generate auditory experiments that run on Matlab's Psychophysics Toolbox without having to write any code; rather, users simply follow instructions in GUIs to specify desired design parameters. The software comprises five auditory study types, including behavioral studies and integration with EEG and physiological response collection systems. Advanced features permit more complicated experimental designs as well as maintenance and update of previously created experiments. AudExpCreator alleviates programming barriers while providing a free, open-source alternative to commercial experimental design software.


Type of resource software, multimedia
Date created 2017


Author Nguyen, Duc T.
Author Kaneshiro, Blair


Subject Center for the Study of Language and Information
Subject Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Subject Matlab
Subject Psychophysics Toolbox
Subject Graphical User Interface
Subject Auditory experiment
Subject Electroencephalography
Subject Behavioral experiment
Subject Music cognition

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Related Publication Duc T. Nguyen and Blair Kaneshiro (2018). AudExpCreator: A GUI-based Matlab tool for designing and creating auditory experiments with the Psychophysics Toolbox. Software X. 7:328-334.
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Duc T. Nguyen and Blair Kaneshiro (2017). AudExpCreator Software Package. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


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