Interference Testing with Skin and Storage

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This study investigates the effect of wellbore storage and damage (skin effect) at a produced well on the pressure response (interference) in the reservoir, away from the produced well. The same problem had been 2 4 investigated earlier by Jargon and by Garcia-Rivera and Raghavan, using finite difference or approximate methods. In this work the problem was solved analytically by using the Laplace transformation technique. When dimensionless time, tD, was greater than approximately 100, the results from this study were the same as those presented in ref. 4. But when t was less than 100, the results did not agree. The approximate method used in ref. 4 appeared to produce poor results for t^ less than 100. The correlation used in ref. 4, based on an effective wellbore radius, was also found to be poor for t_. less than 100. On the other hand, a_new correlation was found for t less than unity. A graph of - r r ó vs - - provided a vi single line as long as - was large and t was less than 1. In order to compute results, a numerical Laplace transform method, Stehfest, was used. The characteristics of the method were studied for two purposes: (1) to determine the properties of the inversion method for negative values of the skin effect, and (2) to determine whether the inversion method might provide an analytic tool to study the dimensionless groups which control a solution. Both studies were successful. The Laplace transform inversion method was used to prepare original tables of dimensionless pressures for the subject problem for both positive and negative skin effects. No other such tables appear to exist.


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Date created June 1978


Author Sandal, Hugo Morten
Primary advisor Ramey, Jr., Henry J.
Degree granting institution Stanford University, Department of Petroleum Engineering


Subject School of Earth Energy & Environmental Sciences
Genre Thesis

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Master's Theses, Doerr School of Sustainability

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