Numerical investigation of turbulence and mixing in shock-accelerated compressible multi-component flows

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The problem of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability is numerically studied in canonical configuration. The discontinuities in the flow field (such as shock waves, contact surfaces and material interfaces) are captured by using a shock-capturing method coupled with a high-order high-resolution compact differencing scheme. Verification and validation is conducted by simulating 1-D and 2-D canonical test problems and comparing the numerical results with experimental data and previous numerical results. High resolution numerical simulation of the impulsive acceleration of a dense gas curtain in air by a Mach 1.21 planar shock (modeling the experiments by Balakumar et al. PoF 2008) is carried out by solving the 3-D compressible multi-species Navier-Stokes equation coupled with a localized artificial diffusivity method to capture discontinuities in the flow-field. The simulations account for the presence of three species in the flow-field: air, SF6 and acetone (used as a tracer species in the experiments). The reshock process is studied by re-impacting the evolving curtain with a reflected shock wave. Turbulence statistics computed in the flow-field following reshock are reported and compared with experiment where possible. Inertial range scaling, vorticity anisotropy and Reynolds stress development are studied in the reshocked flow. The high resolution data set is used to test certain modeling assumptions appearing in mixing models (BHR model) that have been traditionally used to study variable density flows. Finally preliminary results are shown from a 3-dimensional calculation of a planar shock interacting with a planar perturbed interface between air and SF6.


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Thesis advisor Prestridge, Katherine
Advisor Alonso, Juan José, 1968-
Advisor Moin, Parviz
Advisor Prestridge, Katherine


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Statement of responsibility Santhosh K. Shankar.
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