Methods for measuring selection on coding regulatory elements and gene expression divergence between human and chimpanzee brain development in vitro

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In this dissertation, I explore the impact of gene expression changes on human evolution in two distinct contexts. In chapter 2, I describe a method of quantifying the relative contributions of coding and non-coding changes in driving selection at three regulatory loci in the human genome. In chapter 3, I describe a novel system for quantifying cis- regulatory gene expression divergence between the human and chimpanzee genomes during fetal brain development in vitro. Overall, this body of work highlights the importance of precise methodology for understanding the role of gene regulation in human evolution


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Author Agoglia, Rachel Marie
Degree supervisor Fraser, Hunter B
Thesis advisor Fraser, Hunter B
Thesis advisor Baker, Julie, (Professor of genetics)
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Thesis advisor Pritchard, Jonathan D
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Degree committee member Pritchard, Jonathan D
Associated with Stanford University, Department of Genetics.


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