Island bonds : the civil war in Crete and the rise of mass protest in the Ottoman Empire, 1895-1912

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This dissertation examines the civil war on the island of Crete during the mid-1890s that led to a major refugee crisis when tens of thousands of Cretan Muslims emigrated to Asia Minor, Syria, and North Africa. The limited scholarship on Crete has generally regarded the violence in the 1890s as a revolt instigated by Christian islanders against the Ottoman administration. By investigating this episode as a case of civil war, this dissertation differs from earlier works in that it offers a novel way of conceptualizing violence between social groups with shared cultural characteristics. In addition to presenting an account of local history, this dissertation explores the Cretan refugee crisis in its international context by discussing the policies of the European powers regarding the displaced Muslims. The story told in this dissertation ends with the discussion of the impact of the Cretan crisis in the Ottoman world. Drawing on source material from Ottoman, Greek, French, and British archives—a collection of documents which has never been combined in a study of this period—this dissertation explores social and political transformation set in motion by a sovereignty crisis over Crete between Greece and the Ottoman Empire (1908-1912). It argues that the Ottoman collapse requires a novel interpretation, one that highlights the social upheavals triggered by Crete. This dissertation offers such an appraisal through an investigation of popular rallies and the first long-lived movement of economic boycott across the Ottoman Middle East and the Balkans.


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