Learning to see the world : Pasternak and Rilke, 1911-1931

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"Learning to See the World: Pasternak and Rilke 1911-1931" investigates the relationship between Boris Pasternak and Rainer Maria Rilke through an innovative approach to the question of poetic influence. Rather than concentrating on intertextual dialog or formal similarities in their works, this dissertation tracks fundamental changes in poetic perception introduced by Rilke, and argues that Pasternak used a Rilkean perspective to construct his own poetic universe. Although the two poets' common approach to the question of seeing -- that is, perception -- can be identified with the help of a phenomenological paradigm formulated by Edmund Husserl, their common approach to the subsequent creation of their self-contained poetic worlds is best understood in categories suggested by Martin Heidegger. The trajectory of Pasternak's development, traced in select examples from his earliest poems and translations from Rilke to Safe Conduct, includes several crucial stages. It begins with Pasternak's experimentation with new forms of representing his unique artistic vision early in his career; culminates in his synthesizing this vision into a coherent whole in his mature works; and comes to a conclusion in attempts by Pasternak to reconstruct and protect the world's unity, which was shaken by the violence of the Russian Civil War, and crumbled under the pressures of the communist authoritarian regime. By tracing this trajectory, I show how Pasternak's distinct vision of the world and its representation in his writings were shaped in dialogue with Rilke, in spite of, and indeed because of radical differences in their poetics.


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