Step2O- Clean Water for Life- Xylem

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Xylem Inc. believes in pushing the designs of their products to achieve higher performance, longer life, better usability and cost-effectiveness. The student team which includes students from Stanford University, USA and Aalto University, Finland were asked to come up with a solution to improve the transportation or filtering of water with inspiration from nature. After multiple iterations and prototypes, the team came up with a solution to harness the mechanical energy dissipated by user footfall to power a low cost, easily maintainable filtration system which would be able to remove sediments, pathogens, and heavy metals. The sediments and pathogens would be filtered out with commercially available filters and the heavy metals would be filtered by algae by the process of bio-adsorption.


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Date created 2019


Author Colah, Fay Nicole
Author Desai, Adit
Author Lee, Okkeun
Author Tin, Jing Jie
Author Jiang, Dai
Author Julin, Mika
Author Saarikoski, Nina
Author Moy, Samuel
Author Moyer, Timo
Author Moyer, Jessica
Sponsor Xylem Inc.
Advisor Currano, Rebecca
Advisor Ferreyra, Everaldo


Subject Mechanical Engineering
Subject Xylem Inc
Subject Water Treatment
Subject Bio inspiration
Genre Student project report

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Colah, Fay Nicole; Desai, Adit; Lee, Okkeun; Tin, Jing Jie; Jiang, Dai; Julin, Mika; Saarikoski, Nina; Moy, Samuel; Moyer, Timo; Moyer, Jessica. (2020). Step2O- Clean Water for Life- Xylem. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


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