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Students in colleges and high schools handle numerous tasks from taking different courses, managing internships, and dealing with life trivia. FlexAble.ai is a task management tool designed to address the learning challenges faced by students, particularly those with ADHD, who struggle with multitasking and organizing their workload. The goal is to empower students to manage their tasks more efficiently and reduce stress and anxiety associated with poor task organization. FlexAble.ai is a cutting-edge, AI-powered web application for laptops, with plans for eventual adaptation into a mobile app. Its core functionality leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT4 to assist students in breaking down complex tasks into manageable action items. Additionally, it offers features that promote the development of personalized study habits. To make the user experience more engaging and rewarding, the tool includes customizable celebrations upon task completion. To evaluate the efficacy and acceptance of AI in this context, we conducted user tests for 3 research questions. These tests were designed to understand the potential benefits of AI, gauge user sentiment toward AI assistance, and identify specific user needs and preferences. Our research findings suggest that FlexAble.ai holds significant promise in enhancing students' self-efficacy and organizational skills, thereby highlighting its potential as a valuable tool in modern education systems.


Type of resource mixed material, text, moving image
Publication date December 11, 2023


Author Jin, Yuxuan
Advisor McCandliss, Bruce


Subject Task management
Subject ADHD
Subject AI
Subject Digital tool
Subject Coursework
Subject Cognitive overload
Genre Mixed materials
Genre Report
Genre Video recording

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Jin, Y. (2023). FlexAble.ai. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at https://purl.stanford.edu/pd135wj1696. https://doi.org/10.25740/pd135wj1696.


Learning Design & Technology 2023

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