Response to RFI: National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Planning

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We must accelerate the pace of exploration and translation, broaden the set of researchers, and equip them with capability to do research across the full spectrum of nanoscience enabled technology, from nanomaterials to nanoscale devices, circuit and system design, to system architectures that utilize unique nanoscale and quantum phenomena. There is a bright future in materials, devices, and system integration that require end-to-end co-design and innovation. Isolated programs staying in traditional silos will be inadequate. That is where large-scale efforts, best coordinated across multiple federal agencies, can make a substantial difference. The technology edge of the US is to stay at the forefront, ahead of our competition.


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Publication date August 12, 2023; March 11, 2021


Author Wong, H.-S.Philip
Author Bokor, Jeffrey
Author Boyd, Stephen
Author Bulovic, Vladimir
Author Chandrakasan, Anantha
Author Dionne, Jennifer
Author Drell, Persis
Author Hennessy, John
Author Howe, Roger
Author Katz, Randy
Author Liu, Tsu-Jae
Author Mitchell, John
Author Mitra, Subhasish
Author Moler, Kathryn
Author Pister, Kristofer
Author Plummer, James
Author Schmidt, Martin
Author Senensky, Debbie
Author Widom, Jennifer


Subject Semiconductors
Subject Microelectronics
Subject National Nanotechnology Initiative (U.S.)
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Wong, H.-S. P. et al. (2023). Response to RFI: National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Planning. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at


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