Perspectives on the relationship between regulation and innovation in POTWs: Aggregated likert-type question data

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In order to better understand the relationship between regulation and innovation in United States POTWs, we distributed an online survey to utility managers and their regulatory counterparts. These parallel surveys asked a series of likert-type and open-ended questions that gauged perceptions about the relationship between regulation and innovation. The methodology is more fully described in Sherman et al (2020)[]. Sherman et al., examines only utility responses. A forthcoming paper (at the time of writing) will compare these responses to those offered by regulators. In order to protect human subjects, and in accordance with the IRB protocol used in this research, the data included here are aggregated. Open-ended survey responses, which may include personally identifiable information, not included in this dataset.


Type of resource software, multimedia
Date created 2018


Principal investigator Kiparsky, Michael
Author Sherman, Luke
Author Cantor, Alida
Author Milman, Anita


Subject Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure
Subject ReNUWIt
Subject U3.06
Subject Urban Systems Integration and Institutions
Subject Technology diffusion pathways
Subject NPDES
Subject innovation
Subject regulation
Subject POTW
Genre Dataset

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Related Publication Sherman, L., Cantor, A., Milman, A., & Kiparsky, M. (2020). Examining the complex relationship between innovation and regulation through a survey of wastewater utility managers. Journal of Environmental Management, 260, 110025.

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Kiparsky, M., Sherman, L., Cantor, A., & Milman, A. (2018). Perspectives on the relationship between regulation and innovation in POTWs: Aggregated likert-type question data. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt)

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