Sticket: A Tangible Interface for Building Management

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Team Manutencoop's documentation provides a roadmap to the team's progress throughout the year working collaboratively with the Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia and Manutencoop, a Northern Italian building services company.

This document presents a vision of connecting building with people and its service along with implementation details for future work towards a final deliverable in June of 2015.


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Date created [ca. June 2015]


Author Bortesi, Roberta
Author Gelsomini, Carolina
Author Hoster, Halsey
Author Gregorio, Giulia
Author Pang, Xueheng
Author Piccinno, Federico
Author Vargas, Roberto
Sponsor Manutencoop Private Sector Solutions S.p.A.


Subject Connection among building
Subject people and services
Subject building automation
Genre Student project report

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Bortesi, Roberta; Gelsomini, Carolina; Hoster, Halsey; Gregorio, Giulia; Pang, Xueheng; Piccinno, Federico; Vargas, Roberto. (2015). Sticket: A Tangible Interface for Building Management. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at:


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