TR048: Collaborative Information Systems

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The creation of a product is a complex, highly-interdependent process. Typically, no individual possesses all of the required knowledge and skills, so design teams that include participants from each required domain are formed to collaborate and jointly create a single product. As projects become increasing complex, additional participants are added to the team. While this approach supplies the needed expertise, it also introduces a significant coordination burden and decreases the overall efficiency of the process. This report explores how a collaborative information system (CIS) can be used to reduce this coordination cost and contrasts the limitations encountered as this model is applied to different industries.


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Date created April 1991


Author El-Bibany, Hossam
Author Katz, Glenn
Author Vij, Sandeep


Subject CIFE
Subject Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Subject Stanford University
Subject Collaboration
Subject Collaborative Information System
Subject Information Systems
Genre Technical report

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