U1.07 Sytsma 2019 ReNUWIt Annual Meeting Poster

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Most stormwater permits and city regulations require site-scale stormwater controls for new and redevelopment based on total impervious area (TIA). However, the spatial pattern of impervious and pervious surfaces is an important factor in urban hydrology. This project developed a novel method for identifying directly connected impervious areas (DCIA) (impervious surfaces directly connected to downstream receiving water or stormwater drainage system) at a watershed scale. The DCIA tool produces a spatial representation of watershed scale DCIA summarized at a subwatershed (catch basin or inlet catchment) scale. This tool can be used to identify small subwatersheds with high DCIA that contribute more to overland flow generation, which serves two practical purposes: (1) help stormwater agencies identify stormwater retrofit locations and (2) improve estimates of DCIA for stormwater modeling.


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Date created May 2019
Date modified November 2, 2021; December 5, 2022
Publication date June 1, 2020


Author Sytsma, Anneliese
Author Eisenstein, William
Author Bell, Colin
Author Panos, Chelsea
Author Hogue, Terri


Subject Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure
Subject ReNUWIt
Subject U1.07
Subject Urban Systems Integration and Institutions
Subject Decision support systems for utility planning
Subject California
Subject Sonoma County Water Agency
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This work is licensed under an Open Data Commons Attribution License v1.0.

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Sytsma, A., Eisenstein, W. A., Bell, C. D., Panos, C., & Hogue, T. S. (2019). U1.07 Sytsma 2019 ReNUWIt Annual Meeting Poster. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at: https://purl.stanford.edu/mx814rh9820


Re-inventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt)

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