Ñuqa huk kunanpaq: Revitalizing Indigenous Peruvian Rights through Intercultural and Generational Quality Education

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Leslie's capstone project highlights the importance of recognizing and upholding the rights of Indigenous peoples in Peru and provides an overview of the key challenges this community has faced throughout time such as their rights in the worldwide Indigenous network, identity, land, language and sustainability. Furthermore, this capstone highlights the community work of ALEUP, an organization that has been creating intergenerational and intercultural spaces across Indigenous Peruvian populations and concerns itself with developing leadership, educational performance, and cultural pride. With her participatory action research, Leslie hopes to motivate more Indigenous urban people, like herself, to facilitate and join efforts of solidarity to embrace and uplift their communities.


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Date created [ca. June 2023]
Publication date January 18, 2024


Author Espinoza Campomanes, Leslie


Subject Indigenous peoples
Subject Peru > Lima
Subject Education
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Genre Capstone
Genre Report
Genre Student project report

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Espinoza Campomanes, L. (2024). Ñuqa huk kunanpaq: Revitalizing Indigenous Peruvian Rights through Intercultural and Generational Quality Education. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at https://purl.stanford.edu/mx453cd6493. https://doi.org/10.25740/mx453cd6493.


Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice, Minor in Human Rights Capstone Projects

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